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A feature packed fun social network with free text and video chat rooms.

Free Chat Rooms1FreeChat offers four different chat rooms. That may not sound like a lot of chat rooms, however, our system allows the creation of unlimited video chat rooms! Members can create both one to one and group video chat rooms cutting out the need for us to create a larger selection of chat rooms based around various chosen topics. If you just want to chat without registration right now, you can join The Meeting Place which is our text chat room open to both guests and members.

When you register at 1FreeChat you join a social network site that has an abundance of great features. Our network is about communication, meeting new people, discovering new cultures and making new friends online. We offer a community that is safe and secure. Our team of admin staff are here to help you feel welcome and safe. 1FreeChat runs on SSL to protect not only our servers but also your account, privacy and data. Our servers also use many security plugins and anti-DDoS mechanisms in place to keep our website not only secure but also up to speed.

Some of our social network features include…

  • Post updates, photos, videos, files, quotes and slideshows.
  • Customize your profile, add as much or as little info about yourself as you wish.
  • Browse members, send and receive friends requests.
  • Send private messages to anyone on your friends list.
  • Create and run your own groups.
  • Login to our chat rooms using your profile name and photo.
  • Create one to one private video chat rooms.
  • Create private group video chat rooms for upto 20 chatters at any time.
  • Access the members only chat room and meet other members from outside your friends list.

So if you are looking to meet new people from around the world, make new friends online or maybe just another way to keep in touch with family and friends. Try our free no registration chat room or register now with 1FreeChat and take a look around at what we have to offer. Everything is free and registration takes less than 2 minutes.