Available Chat Rooms at 1FreeChat

A list of the chat rooms you can access at 1FreeChat and what you can expect from each one.

The Meeting Place

The Meeting Place is a free for all chat room, no registration required. Both guests and members can chat without an account. An ideal place to start with 1FreeChat to see if you enjoy what we have to offer. Meet current members and find out more about 1FreeChat. A chat room that offers text and video chat. Share photos, videos, private chat with other chatters and customize various parts of the chat room to suit your preferences.

Enter The Meeting Place

Members Only Chat Room

Our Members Only chat room is the exact same layout and holds the same functions as the Meeting Place, however only registered members can access this chat room. Why do we have a members only chat room? Many members prefer to chat with other members without just anyone entering the chat room. Chatters sometimes feel safer knowing that strangers from outside of 1FreeChat cannot enter the chat.

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Group Video Chat Room

For people who like to put the keyboard away and just chat using webcams. This chat room is open to upto 20 chatters at a time and using WebRTC alongside peer to peer connections, our group video chat is compatible with desktop, tablets and most mobile phones. You can send basic text messages, however we have created this chat room mostly for video chatting. It is open to all members, however, sometimes it may reach the maximum 20 chatters. If you find this chat room full you can simply create your own video chat room using our Private Group Video Chat feature.

Enter Group Video Chat

Private One to One Video Chat

If you would like to chat with another member in private using video chat, this feature allows just that. When you access Private One to One Video Chat you are given a unique URL. Send that URL to the person you would like to chat with and as soon as they click it, they will enter a one to one video chat with you. You can share the URL through private messaging in the Meeting Place, Members Only Chat Room, to another friend on our social network via private message or to anyone outside of 1FreeChat via email or other social media. Both members and guests can create a private one to one chat URL, however, only members can share their chat through private messaging on our social network.

Create a Private One to One Chat

Private Group Video Chat

This feature allows members to create a group video chat room for upto 20 chatters at any time. When you enter the Private Group Video Chat, you are given a unique URL. Share that URL on your profile wall or send it to the people you would like to group video chat with. Both members and guests can create a group video chat, no registration required for this feature. Only members will be able to post group chat room links on the wall. This works in the same way as Private One to One Chat, however it allows many people to chat at the same time with video chat.

Create a Private Group Video Chat