My Live Video

My Live Video

My Live Video

Stream live videos from your iPad or iPhone to a Facebook page or Youtube channel!
My Live Video App

My Live Video is a free app available on the app store for iPhones, iPads and iPods. It allows you to stream your live video to a Facebook page or Youtube channel effortlessly. This app is ideal for entertainers, musicians, teachers and generally anyone who needs or would like to produce a live stream on the two most popular networks online.


How to use the app…

1, If you haven’t already, install the app by tapping the App Store logo at the top of this page.

2, Open the app and accept the popup to allow the app access to your video camera.

3, On the top right of the video screen, tap the gear icon, image below…

Settings Icon

4, A screen will appear where you can fill in your server URL and Key. You can get these by following the instructions below…


Step 1. Go to your Facebook page (you need to be the admin of this page).

Step 2. Go to Publishing Tools > Video Library > +Live

Step 3. Enter your Key into the app that is sent via email.

Step 4. Tap Record button on the app and Preview button on the Facebook page. If you see your live video on your Facebook page, you are setup and ready to stream.



Step 1. Go to your Youtube account and select “Upload Video”.

Step 2. On the right, click or tap LIVE STREAMING.

Step 3. Verify your phone number.

Step 4. At the bottom you will see the Youtube server URL and your Key.

Step 5. Enter the server URL and Key into the app.

Step 6. Press record on the app and Play on the Youtube video stream.


If you have any problems setting up the app, use our contact page to get help and support.

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