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1freechat has various chat rooms, each one has a different theme or features. We try to cater for the majority of people around the world and what they want to do in online chat rooms. If most people are happy with the way we have setup our chat site, more chatters will frequent the chat rooms. A busy chat site is always more fun than a quiet one. Eventually 1freechat should have some of the busiest and best chat rooms online!


Enter different types of chat room as a guest chatter or member.

Our online chat rooms are separated into different name categories and you can choose to enter any of them via this page or from the internal chat lobby. The chat lobby is accessible from any of the chat rooms by using the home button in the chat room. It doesn´t matter whether you are a guest or member, you have access to all chat rooms and all chat features.


Video chat and text chat for chat rooms that work on any mobile, tab or desktop device.

It doesn´t matter if you are using a mobile phone, tablet or desktop to access the internet. There are 2 different versions of each chat room. Both versions are linked up, so chatters in one version can chat live with chatters in the other version. You can choose from “Desktop Chat” (laptops, PCs and flash enabled devices) or “Mobile Chat” for mobile phones and tablets not running flash. Video chat is available only for flash devices and text chat is available on all devices.


Our current online chat rooms are as follows…


The Meeting Place

This is the general chat room where people meet for the first time and hangout many times. It is a good place to start!


Dating Chat

This is where are the single people go to meet up with other singles and quell that loneliness. There is also the possibility that love can be found in this chat room!


International Chat Room

If you like learning new languages and enjoy worldwide culture, this place is for you. Anyone can chat on cam or with text freely, using any dialect.


Chat Cafe

The Chat Cafe is an avatar chat room. Walk around and bump into people, have fun meeting new friends and chatting in a virtual world! Avatar chat only works on flash enabled devices, however, you can enter and chat using text on mobiles and tabs.


Webcam Chat

The webcam chat is a video chat room for people who only want to talk on cam. Strictly flash enabled devices only!


Text Chat

Video chat is disabled in this chat room to give it that retro chat room feel. Enjoy chatting in text only, just like the old days!


Teen Chat Room

The Teen Chat Room is a fully moderated chat that only works when a moderator or admin is in the room. It is a safe and secure chat for chatters aged 13-17.



More online chat rooms will be added in time. 1freechat is open to any ideas on what type of online chat room you would like added to our chat site. For now, please enjoy and hopefully you meet new friends and frequent 1freechat!



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