Adult Chat

Adult Chat Room

Our Adult Chat Room is a place where adults can chat with each other without restriction or the worry of under 18s entering the chat room. The same chat rules apply, however, this chat room is less strict with different rules to the other chat rooms. The Adult Chat Room is open only to members of 1freechat, guests and under 18s are strictly not allowed to enter. The chat room will only be open for live chat when a moderator is available. Moderated chat will be switched on when a moderator is not available to protect the chat and it´s content.


Adult Chat Rules

All of our chat rooms have strict rules to protect under 18s and chatters in general. To enter this chat room and enjoy it, you must abide by the following simple rules…

  • No racism

  • No under 18s allowed

  • No abusing other chatters

  • No nudity

  • No porn spam or links to anything illegal

The chat can be anything adult orientated or just a place away from the under 18s where adult chatters can enjoy adult conversation. This chat room and our site is not a sex site, so please follow the rules or you will be banned from taking part in any of 1freechat activities.

Why Have an Adult Chat Room?

All of our other chat rooms are open to anyone of any age, gender or location. We have niche chat rooms available for those looking for a certain type of chat. With this in mind, adults can be put-off chatting when under 18s are around, so the reason we have an adult chat room is for the over 18s to come here and chat without restriction, only the simple set of rules above.

Adult humour and talk is not always good for public chat rooms, it has a place of its own and that is in our Adult Chat Room. Anything you would not say to a minor or to the general public should be kept away from all other chat rooms, so to give a broader choice of chat, we have added an adult chat room.

To access the adult chat room, enter the main lobby here and you will find it in the chat room list. If there is no moderator in the chat, messages will not be broadcast. Remember, you must be a member to enter the Adult Chat Room.


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