Chat Rooms

We have six chat rooms for you to enjoy, Meeting Place, Adult Chat, Dating Chat, International Chat, Teen Chat and Video Chat.

The Meeting Place is where most people start. It is open to both members and guest chatters. It is a good way to learn how to use all of our chat features and meet up with our regular chatters.

Adult Chat is a chat room for the over 18s. We do not allow teens into this chat room. It has the same chat rules as our other chat rooms, however, it allows adults to chat without having to worry about teenages in the chat room.

Dating Chat is a chat room for single people to find romance online. It allows single people to chat in groups on video chat. When you find someone you enjoy talking to, you can chat one on one in private.

International Chat is a chat room for people to talk in their own native language. 1FreeChat is proud to be open to everyone to enjoy. This chat room can help people learn new languages but most of all, allows the freedom and comfort to be able to talk in your own dialect without restriction.

Teen Chat this chat room is strictly for teenagers and is only open when a moderator is available in the room.

Video Chat is a conference style video chat room. Although all of our chat rooms have video chat, this chat room is more for the people who just dont enjoy typing and would prefer to chat on cam.

Chat Room Rules

Our public chat rooms have the following rules…

  • 1, No nudity on cams.

  • 2, No harassing other chatters.

  • 3, No link spam or trolling.

  • 4, No racism or religious chat.

  • 5, Do not abuse any chatters or moderators.

  • 6, No solicitation with minors.

Please follow these simple chat room rules to avoid being banned from our site.