International Chat

The International chat room is for people to chat using all languages from around the world.

Not only will you meet people from different countries, you will also have the opportunity to learn different languages and cultures. The International Chat Room is open to everyone!

Chat with people from all around the world in any language with video or text chat.

The International chat room is for people to use their own native language with other chatters. Discuss different lifestyles and culture and explore new places to visit. Connecting with people online, no matter where you are, is easy with 1freechat. Not only do we allow all languages in our International Chat Room, our social network is translated into many languages so everyone can enjoy using 1FreeChat!

Mobile and tablet friendly chat rooms built to work on any device and in any browser.

As long as you have an internet connection, you can use any device, mobile phone, tab or desktop. All of our chat rooms, including the International Chat Room now work without flash and automatically adapt to your screen size.

Learn how to speak in different languages with help from other chatters. Chatting to people from different origins of the world is extremely fun and beneficial. It opens your mind to what´s happening around the world, introducing new connections for both work and pleasure.

Our chat room visitors mostly come from USA, UK and Canada, however, we also have many chatters from Asia.

Are you ready to chat live online with people from all over the world for free?


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