Teen Chat

Teen Chat Room

A safe chat room for teenage chatters between the ages of 13 to 17. This chat room is moderated and only open when a moderator is able to be in the room. Under 13s and over 18s are not allowed in this chat room. We monitor this chat room strictly and anyone breaking the rules will be banned from 1freechat.

Why do we have a teen chat room?

When 1freechat was built, the entire site was for over 18s only. After a couple of months from the launch, we were getting inundated with under 18s wanting to be a part of our chat site. Simply banning the under 18s didn´t work, they would reset their routers, gain a new IP and enter the chat under a different name. Kicking teenage chatters out of the chat rooms is safe for us, but where else would they go to chat?

Looking around other chat sites, our team found that most teens would be mixed with adult chatters in un-moderated chat rooms, that is not safe at all! One thing about 1freechat is the security and safety of our chat rooms and the protection we offer against the dangers of chat sites. We would sooner offer a safe place for teen chatters than kick them out into unsafe chat sites. This is the reason we have a teen chat room on 1freechat.

Opening hours of the Teen Chat Room

The Teen Chat Room is open 24 hours a day but messages will only broadcast when a moderator is in the room. If you see no moderators in the room, you can always go into the Meeting Place and ask for a moderator to join the Teen Chat Room and switch off moderated messages. If moderators are too busy, the messages will broadcast when a moderator becomes available.


How to enter the Teen Chat Room

We have 2 variations of the Teen Chat Room, desktop or mobile. The desktop version works on laptops and PCs with video chat options if your device is running flash. The mobile version works on any device and with mobile or tablets, text chat is the only available option. You can login to the teen chat room below.


Chat Rooms

(By entering the Teen Chat Room you declare that you are over 13 and under 18 years of age)

Important: Always be safe in any online chat room! Never arrange to meet any of the chatters in real life, keep your online chats and friends online only! If you see anything that should not belong in the Teen Chat Room, report it straight away to one of our moderators.