About Us

1freechat wants you to enjoy our site and all the features so that you will come back and bring your friends with you!


What we have done is create a social network and integrated top of the range video chat rooms that are totally free and always will be free for everyone and anyone to use.

Working around the following effics has created 1freechat!


User Friendliness

No annoying popups, games invites or full screen ads. Everything is easy to see and access on 1freechat, you simply can not get lost, but if you do, you can contact our team through the support group, accessible from every page.


Best Chat Rooms Platform

Having tried and tested all of the leading chat platforms, only the very best one is used on 1freechat! Feature packed and compatible with all devices, desktop, mobile and tabs will work with our chat rooms.



Every page is linked to each other so you will never get lost in the site! You can enter the chat rooms with one click on any page.


No Registration Needed For The Chat Rooms

It is hard to find a chat site that will allow you to use all of its chat room features without first creating an account or paying to upgrade your membership! At 1freechat, you do not need to register, you can enter our chat rooms without any limitations as a guest chatter!


Registration Speed

Do you hate websites that ask for every little bit of personal information before you can use it? At 1freechat, you can create your profile in under 20 seconds. All we ask is for you to enter a username, email and password and you are good to go! If you prefer, you can register even faster by logging in using your Facebook account.



Our chat room logins and messages are encrypted so hackers can not see your private messages or login passwords.


A Good Server!

Social networks are popular and can grow quite quickly and there is no reason that 1freechat shouldn´t grow fast. Rather than wait until the site gets busy before changing servers and risking downtime and future problems, the server is already capable of hosting thousands of chatters at the same time without any problems. In fact, there is no reason why we couldn´t have over a million people chatting at the same time, we are hosted on the best you can get. You will get zero lag in the chat rooms and page loads are faster than most sites.



This is something that is very important! Why wait around to enjoy a site because the webmaster can not be bothered to optimize site pages to load as fast as they possibly can? A massive effort has gone into making 1freechat as fast as it possibly can get. We currently have a homepage pagespeed of 88/100 for mobile and 95/100 for desktop and the rest of the site is impressive too!



Any website that has communication features has a risk of malicious people abusing the system. Our community and chat rooms are moderated by a team of admins and moderators 24 hours a day. We have added report buttons on every bit of content, if you see something an admin has missed, one click will send a report to our team and we will be right on to it.

1freechat is open to suggestions and ideas to make it even better, discussions are open in the support group for all members.


If you enjoy 1freechat, please make the effort to tell your friends, it would be greatly appreciated and busy chat rooms are a lot more fun!